Back To School They Go


Back to School Kendall Baker

Children in our community started back to school this week. The older kids also started back to school, some in college or university programs of higher learning.

During this election season there is a lot of talk about a lot of issues. Education, both K-12 and higher ed, need greater coverage and interest, from all of us. Statistics verify that children born into poverty or other undesirable circumstances, have little chance over climbing to the next rung of the ladder. Education can be the great equalizer, but we must do more, and be smarter about what we do.

Too many politicians are out here telling us what they want to do, some some brag about what they may or may not have done. This is not a game, the stakes for failing are too high. I want to know what YOU want to do. I want to hear from you. What have you seen work? What have you seen fail? What have you seen that might be better with a little tweaking?

I’m asking you to discuss education with me, and there are many ways to that. You can comment here on this blog post and I will respond. You can email me at You can ask me on social media, such as via my Twitter account @KendallBaker1.

I want to hear from you, and I look forward to hearing your comments and ideas.


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