Labor Day Feedback From Our Community

This week we celebrated Labor Day. A day which acknowledges and offers respect to America’s workers that help us to be prosperous and free.

I did not take the day off. Many people had to work on labor Day, so I spent some time in various parts of our community talking to workers when and where I could. I was seeking feedback on what they liked about their jobs and what kinds of things we can do in state government to make their lives easier, simpler and more free. Many people would also tell me about about their spouse or maybe their working age children. It is probably not a stretch to say that our community has perhaps the widest array of workers in various industries of any district in the county and perhaps even the state. From construction workers to short order cooks, from plumbers to cab drivers, from teachers to county and city workers. We have it all right here in our community.

The listening sessions also made something else clearer for me. As a fiscal conservative, it occurred to me again that the state spends more money than it needs to, and it could do with less. Yes, there are people we can assist when times are hard, in our prosperous and giving nation, that only makes sense. But, there are times when our assistance and our good intentions go to far, and hinder people more than we help them. This needs to be addressed.

One example: The person who wants to start his or her own small business, a small enterprise to us, but a huge endeavor to them, has to jump through many hurdles to get from idea to enterprise. There has to be a better way. There is, and I am happy to talk with you about that here on my website or on your front door step, if I have not met you already.

I am interested in hearing your ideas. That is how state government works best; when it listens to the people and seeks to make people more free to pursue dreams and enjoy life. Please email me with any questions or ideas at, or leave a comment here on the blog.

I am enjoying my opportunities to connect with our community, whether retired seniors, young parents or business owners. Our next State Representative should be someone willing to work hard on behalf of our entire community.


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